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How long does one (1) bottle last?
One (1) bottle lasts approximately 7-10 Days.
Each bottle helps you gain anywhere from 3 - 5 pounds. We suggest ordering your next bottle when your current bottle is at it’s half way point.

Can men or children take Apetamin?
Yes. It is 100% safe on children.
Also it is absolutely great on men, just as effective on men as it is on women.

Can you take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

​ Does it make you sleepy?
Yes, it can cause sleepiness or drowsiness for the first few days. If you stop using it and start up again you will most likely be sleepy again the first few days. Besides that if you use it regularly it will not effect your sleep schedule.

Will my stomach become bloated?
It may cause your stomach to become bloated. The best way to avoid this for women is to wear one of our waist trainers, drink a lot of water, stay active by doing sit ups or any at home exercises that help with belly fat. our body goals.

How much weight will I gain ?
If you are taking your dosage every day 3 times a day and eating clean healthy meals while maintaining an intermediate gym routine you could gain up to 5-7 lbs per week (everyone is different).
If you are not consistent with taking your dosage your results may vary. It all is depending on YOUR activity rate and food intake. Track your weight with one of our Body Scales. Click here to add one to your cart.

Will I lose weight if I stop taking it?
We recommend you slowly start taking lower dosages once you have achieved your goal weight so your appetite remains. Its always a good idea to keep a spare supply on hand just in case you fall back into old eating habits

What does it taste like?
It has a sweet flavor and taste of a chewable vitamin.

How do I take it?
10ml 3 times daily 30 minutes before eating.
DO NOT EXCEED 15 ml at one time.